Industrial action and mobilisations in Piraeus against the privatisation plans

20 Μαρ 2014

After HRADF  approved the terms of the international tender process for the sale of a 67% stake of Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (5.3), the trade unions of Piraeus and Thessaloniki ports announced on Tuesday 11.3 a 4hrs stoppage, and a demonstration through the city of Piraeus that ended at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs.
More than 1000 dockers and supporters against privatization of PPA gathered at Karaiskakis Square in the port. Among the supporters were MPs of SYRIZA and the Greek Communist Party, the President and Gen. Secretary of Labor Centre of Piraeus, the Seamen’s Unions, the trade union of Ship-repair zone, representatives of the local chambers and the local trade unions of teachers.  All were expressed their support to our struggle and demanded Piraeus Port Authority to remain public and continue to serve the local community and national economy.
When the demonstration arrived at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs a delegation consisted of 11 members (including Labor Centre, representatives of chambers and ship-repair unions and MPs) had a meeting with the Minister Mr Varvitsiotis.  During this meeting he explained that the decisions of government and HRADF are already taken, he lied about figures of PPA, he “advised” us not to strike in this difficult period for the country.  He said that he is willing to discuss with us suggestions in the direction of how the private scheme that will emerge will safeguard in the best possible way the public interest.  Finally he make a vague reference about “securing” future working conditions.
His speech was contradictory as well as tricky. When we pointed several aspects that are not legal concerning public interest and also underlined the antilabor practices of COSCO, he answered that the legal framework is already set.  Concerning the labor issues he said that his ministry is not responsible!!!! and it will be better to refer to the ministry of Labour!!!
If this is the case, and he can't do anything for the current provider (Cosco) of just a terminal, how it is possible to “guarantee” future labour issues in an entire private port?
We’ll continue our awareness campaign in local society and we’ll keep up the common front with other social partners. We are working with Piraeus Bar Association (Lawyers of Piraeus) on legal arguments and issues that are violated so as to appeal to justice once again (just to remind you, we still wait for the decision of the Supreme Court concerning the illegal transfer of PPA’s shares from State to HRADF).

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